Traditions & Thankfulness

 This is my favorite time of year.  I love the traditions & family time & the thankfulness that overflows from the hearts all around.  Football & Chili, Bonfires & S'mores, Family & Friends.. I could go on and on!  What are you thankful for and what traditions are you looking forward to sharing with loved ones this holiday season?  I would love to hear, leave a comment below!

Side note:.  I have not forgotten about you all but I know my social media presence has definitely been non existent.. So, because I love you all, I wanted to give ya a little something special to show just how thankful I am to all of my followers!  Below are F  R  E  E (yes, you read that right!) backgrounds to keep you full & reminded of thankfulness, joy, & motivation to finish your year strong.  I hope you all enjoy!

Ps ... If you love having a new iPhone background (like me), let me know in the comments below.. Maybe I will start a new tradition of freebie backgrounds more often.