You Have Your Invitations ...

Stuffing + Mailing

Guidelines for stuffing your envelopes, buying postage, and mailing

You've gotten your special delivery from us, and it's time to prep the invitations for mailing to all of your guests!
We recommend rounding up your best gals for a night of stuffing and stamping...       that's what bridesmaids are for, right? 
By this point, the following has been done:

1.    A D D R E S S E D   E N V E L O P E S   
Your envelopes have been addressed by a calligrapher or by yourself. Addresses have been double checked for accuracy, and you are blown away with how awesome they look! You will want to make sure that they are legible as well.

2.    T H E   R E T U R N   A D D R E S S   
Be sure your invitation envelope has a return address in case it bounces back. This way, you will know if a guest did not receive it. We offer return address printing, as do most calligraphers. 

3.    T H E   R E S P O N S E   E N V E L O P E
Your response envelope will need to be addressed to be delivered to whoever is keeping the headcount for your wedding.  We are able to print these for you, or most calligraphers are able to address them. OR you can use a return address stamp!

4.    Y O U   H A V E   B O U G H T   Y O U R   P O S T A G E  
The very first thing you should do when your invitations are delivered to you is take one suite (all pieces included)
to your local post office and have it weighed. 

Items like double-ply paper, double envelopes, and extra information cards can increase your weight past the 1-ounce mark, which means you'll need more than your typical stamp. Your post office will tell you what type of postage to buy for your mailing envelope. If you have purchased square invitations in a square envelope, please know that you will need to pay an additional charge to mail your invitation. This size cannot be processed through the machines, and will be processed by hand instead. Your post office will tell you the type of stamp you need. Also, don't forget postage for your response! For enveloped responses, you will need a standard stamp just like your invitation envelope.